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What Should I Learn In English?What Should I Learn In English?


One key issue to think about when learning English, is what to learn.

There is a huge amount to learn and in fact, all native speakers will be a far way from knowing the perhaps 1 million words of English. In addition, many/most native English speakers might have little/superficial knowledge of English grammar.

So, the question arises, what should you learn?

When you are learning English, first of all try to establish your goals. I am of the opinion, that grammar is a useful thing to learn. However, try not to learn too much, rather just start with the basics, such as becoming familiar with the names and approximate functions of the parts of speech and the basic tenses in English - later progress as is your requirement.

Think about what are the most important vocabulary areas of English to learn for your particular situation. For instance, in your work if you have to give presentations, then focus on key vocabulary for presenting and for how to answer questions.

So, in summary, there are too many things for anyone to learn in English - work on the basics and prioritise the rest according to your key requirements.

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