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When learning English grammar, there is a huge amount that can be learnt - try to focus on the basics and then try to improve from there. A good starting point might be to learn the parts of speech and the 12 basic tenses of English - that information can be seen below - interestingly, even some higher level speakers of English and additionally many native speakers may not have this knowledge - try to learn the basics whatever your level - it can make your speech more accurate and confident hopefully.
Grammar Overview -
1. Q. What are the 8 parts of speech in English?
A. 1. Noun - computer
2. Verb - walk
3. Adjective - happy
4. Preposition - at
5. Interjection - hello
6. Pronoun - he
7. Conjunction - and
8. Adverb - quickly
You can see a parts of speech table here: "https://www.englishclub.com/grammar/parts-of-speech_1.htm".
2. What are the 12 main tenses of English?
A. 1. Present Simple - I walk.
2. Present Continuous - I am walking.
3. Present Perfect - I have walked.
4. Present Perfect Continuous - I have been walking.
5. Past Simple - I walked.
6. Past Continuous - I was walking.
7. Past Perfect - I had walked.
8. Past Perfect Continuous - I had been walking.
9. Future Simple - I will walk.
10. Future Continuous - I will be walking.
11. Future Perfect - I will have walked.
12. Future Perfect Continuous - I will have been walking.
Here is more information about the 12 basic tenses of English: "https://www.englishclub.com/grammar/verb-tenses.htm".
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