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 Here Are The Topics In The Free IELTS Tips Ebook




Overall IELTS Tips


•1. Are Some IELTS Centers Easier?
•2. Average IELTS Band Calculator
•3. Food + Sleep
•4. Can I Get An IELTS Regrade?
•5. Check What You Can Bring
•6. Do I Have To Prepare For The IELTS?
•7. Do Not Be Overconfident
•8. Enough Preparation Time
•9. Failing The IELTS
•10. Focus On All Sections
•11. Get To The Test Center Easily
•12. Goal
•13. How Long Does The IELTS Take To Be Graded?
•14. IELTS Study Plan
•15. Is There A Computer-based IELTS Exam?
•16. Is There A Limit To The Number Of IELTS Exams I Can Take?
•17. Listen To Successful Students
•18. Normally No Guarantee
•19. On The Exam Day
•20. Resources
•21. Tutoring

•22. What Is The Highest Grade Possible For The IELTS?



IELTS Listening Tips


•23. Do Practice IELTS Listening Exams
•24. Listen To Various English Accents
•25. Making Notes
•26. Read Ahead
•27. Question Types
•28. Understand The Exam



IELTS Reading Tips


•29. Formatting The IELTS Reading Test Text
•30. IELTS Reading Questions
•31. IELTS Reading Synonyms
•32. IELTS Reading Time
•33. Instructions



IELTS Speaking Tips


•34. Avoid Repetition
•35. Clothing
•36. Different IELTS Speaking Vocabulary
•37. Direct Answers
•38. Full Answers
•39. Grammar
•40. Hesitation
•41. IELTS Pronunciation
•42. Listen To Model Answers From Native Speakers
•43. Listening
•44. Native-style Pronunciation
•45. Phrases To Answer
•46. Practise Exams
•47. Practise In Front Of A Mirror
•48. Practise Regularly
•49. Pronunciation
•50. Read Previous IELTS Exam Questions
•51. Record Yourself
•52. Short Exam Time
•53. Speak About Easy Topics
•54. Speak More In English
•55. Speak Only In English
•56. Speaking Topics
•57. Speed
•58. Study The Speaking Grading Data
•59. Study Your Errors
•60. Task 1 Preparation
•61. Task 2 Bullet Points
•62. Understand The Exam Format
•63. Understand The Question
•64. Useful Expressions
•65. Vocabulary
•66. Water



IELTS Writing Tips


•67. Advanced Vocabulary For Starting IELTS
Writing Sentences
•68. Answer The Question Directly
•69. Be Careful Of Informal Punctuation
•70. Corrections
•71. Energy
•72. Find Your Weak Areas
•73. Get Used To Writing By Hand
•74. Handwriting
•75. High-level Words For IELTS Writing
•76. How Can I Increase My Grade In 1/2 day?
•77. How Many "My Opinion" Expressions Should I
Use For IELTS Writing Task 2?
•78. How Many Minutes For Checking?
•79. How Many Paragraphs Should I Use?
•80. How Many Sentences Should I Write?
•81. How Many Statistics Should I Use, For IELTS
Academic Writing Task 1?
•82. How To Make Ideas For The IELTS Task 2
•83. IELTS Band Descriptors
•84. IELTS Writing Checking
85. IELTS Writing Sentence Length
•86. IELTS Writing Synonyms
•87. IELTS Writing Time
•88. Increase IELTS Writing Vocabulary Complexity
•89. Linking Words
•90. Make An Excel Sheet Of Your Errors
•91. Model IELTS Writing Answers
•92. Regular Practice IELTS Writing Tasks
•93. Should I Improve Something That Is Alright?
•94. Should I Write Complex Or Basic Sentences?
•95. Spelling
•96. Start IELTS Writing Tasks With As Strong A Word As Possible
•97. Stationary
•98. Text Analyser
•99. Understand The Exam Questions
•100. Watch Advice Videos
•101. What Are Common Errors For Handwriting?
•102. When Should I Write Numbers Or Letters?

•103. Word Count
PDF•104. Write On The Question Paper

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