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IELTS Study Plan

IELTS Study Plan



1. IELTS Listening And Reading, Regular Practice

Keep practising IELTS reading and listening regularly, such as 1x every 2 days for each exam - study your grades and make sure that they are safe for your requirement regularly, such as 1 or more higher than your requirement for the exam.


2. IELTS Writing, Regular Practice

Keep practising the writing regularly, such as 1 writing task 1 and 1 task 2 every 2 days and get corrected by a native experienced teacher. Do it in MS Word and also make a scan of your handwriting - writing first on paper. 


3. IELTS Writing Errors

3. If you are making IELTS writing errors for your gammar etc., then make an excel sheet and count each time you make each mistake to see patterns. For example, your excel sheet may say: "1. Missing "and" 2. Missing "the" etc.". Then count for each one = "1. Missing "and" 1+3+2=6. 2. Missing "the" 2+1+3=6." etc. - make a count for each essay to your excel sheet to see any patterns and then focus on those for future tasks.


4. Practise IELTS Speaking Exams

For speaking, use the website: "www.ielts-blog.com" and do practice speaking exams - record yourself and listen again - try to get fluent and comfortable with the types of questions asked.


5. IELTS Writing Samples

Look at sample writing tasks and essays.


6. IELTS Useful Vocabulary

Look at useful vocabulary you will need for the writing exam - such as "On the one hand..." / "On the other hand..." etc..


7. IELTS Youtube Videos

Look on youtube for useful IELTS videos with advice for writing and other areas.


8. IELTS Familiarisation

Become very familiar with the exam and types of questions required.


9. IELTS Materials

Know what materials you can bring into the exam, such as a pen and pencil, but not highligher.


10. Read IELTS Speaking Model Answers

 Look for  model answers for IELTS speaking and look at the vocabulary and structures that have been used.

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