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On this page,you can see tips of 50-100 words, that are going to be used for a free IELTS ebook, called: "100 Free IELTS Tips Ebook" - it will also include specific sections of the  reading, and speaking and writing.

Data for this topic and for further information can be seen from the official IELTS website at: "http://www.ielts.org/test_takers_information/question_types/question_types_-_listening.aspx".

Do Practice IELTS Listening ExamsA

Do Practice IELTS Listening Exams

Listen To Various English AccentB

Listen To Various English Accent

Making NotesC

Making Notes

Read AheadD

Read Ahead

Question TypesE

Question Types

Understand The ExamF

Understand The Exam

IELTS Listening TipsIELTS Listening Tips


When teaching the IELTS, from my teaching the IELTS listening, I have found that there are less tips available than compared to the IELTS speaking and writing sections. Nevertheless, it is possible to prepare in some ways. Data for this article and for further information can be seen from the official IELTS website at: "http://www.ielts.org/test_takers_information/question_types/question_types_-_listening.aspx".


1. Understand The IELTS Listening Format


1. The listening exam has 4 sections - each 10 questions - each question = 1 mark.
2. The recording and question order is the same.
3. Parts 1+2 = "everyday social situations". Part 1 = "two speakers conversation" / Section 2 = 1 person.
4. Parts 3+4 = "educational and training sitautions". Part 3 = two main speakers conversation. Part 4 = 1 person about something academic.
5. Recording = 1x and British/Australian/New Zealand/N. American accents.
6. Total time = 30 minutes + 10 minutes at end to transfer questions - careful of spelling + grammar.
7. Question types = 1. "multiple choice" / 2. "matching" / 3. "plan/map/diagram" identification / 4. "form/note/table/flow chart/summary" completion / 5. "sentence completion" / 6. "short-answer questions".


2. Listen To Various English Accents


The IELTS listening exam can have accents from different English-speaking countries and different genders and ages. Therefore, try to listen to previous exams and also you can try listening to various different news reporters etc..


3. Read Ahead


Try to read ahead and anticipate the different types of qeustions that you might get.


4. Make Notes


During the exam, you can make notes and then transfer the questions to the exam sheet after.


5. Do Practice IELTS Listening Exams


Do practice IELTS listening exams to build up experience.

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