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IELTS Reading Text Analysis Strategy

IELTS Reading Text Analysis Strategy



1. IELTS Reading Time


A key issue for the IELTS reading exams is, especially for the Academic perhaps, there is limited time to read the text, check the questions and refer to the text again - it is only possible to read once sometimes and even that can be hard in the amount of time given.


2. IELTS Reading Time Problem


What is the solution? Clearly, you cannot read approximately 2,500-3000 words twice during the exam, without much difficulty perhaps. Therefore, you need a way to read it at least once and then format the data in such a way to quickly reference it.


3. IELTS Reading System


You need to have a system, which allows you to quickly analyse the text and answer the questions and here is a suggestion for that – if you have improvements, please let us know. You might perhaps easily notice, that if you do not format or make any notes, then the task can be quite difficult, if not nearly impossible for some at least, in the time given.


4. IELTS Reading Key Words


First of all, try to underline the key words/phrases AND make a short summary next to each paragraph. The first question is, what are the key words/phrases? Key words can be nouns,, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and negative axuiliaries etc.. You can find out some information about these at the following link: "https://www.englishclub.com/pronunciation/sentence-stress-rules.htm" - not all will be important. For each situation, you will have to make a decision and underline them in the text. You may choose to also underline key words in the questions and make any summary next to them first, to assist in which data you are looking for. 


5. IELTS Reading Method - Title


Try to get any hint from the title  of each text passage's title, in order to get an understanding ahead of time what the passage is about. 


6. IELTS Reading Method - Illustration


Next, make a short summary next to each paragraph for a few words, such as the following graphic. Now, when you need to, for example match a question with a paragraph, you might not have to read through everything again.


IELTS Reading Analysis Stragey



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