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Be Careful To Speak Only In English And Avoid Repetitive VocabularyBe Careful To Speak Only In English And Avoid Repetitive Vocabulary



Sometimes with students from Arabic countries, they may frequently use words such as "yani" -  strongly try to avoid repeating words which are not English in your exam, to avoid reducing your grade.

Also, try to avoid repeating words, which have little actual meaning. For instance, do not regularly start sentences with "You can say, that people in my country like rice a lot." and "You can say that a popular sport is football." or "Actually, people in my country like rice a lot."; "Actually, a popular sport is football." etc..

Think of the IELTS speaking exam like a job interview - you would try to be professional and thus only speak in the language required and also avoid repetition of phrases, that would seem too casual.