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IELTS Speaking Answer PhrasesIELTS Speaking Answer Phrases



For the IELTS, you may not get that many questions in total for the different sections. Therefore, try to think of some phrases you can learn to answer the questions. Here are some, along with an example sentence as well.


 Keyboard Controls: click on top of audio player first to activate it = 1. "space" = play/pause / 2.  "up" = next question / 3. "down" = previous question".



In answer to that question, 1

Question: What is your favourite food?

Answer: In answer to that question, I like fruit a lot.

Usually, I...2

Question: What time do you usually start work?

Answer: Usually, I start my job at 9am.

Thinking back, I can say that...3

Question: Have you seen anyone famous before?

Answer: Thinking back, I can say that I have met a few famous people before.

Looking forwards, I think that...4

Question: Will you visit another country in future?

Answer: Looking forwards, I think that I am likely to.

As regards the options, I think that...5

Question: Is it better to walk or use a car?

Answer: As regards the options, I think that it is better to walk when possible.

As far as I am concerned, I think that...6

Question: Is it good to work a lot?

Answer: As far as I am concerned, I think that a balance is useful.


Personally, I can say that...7

Question: Is it informative to visit other countries?

Answer: Personally, I can say that it is educational.

It is possible to say that...8

Question:  Are computers benefical?

Answer: It is possible to say that overall they are quite useful.

Overall, I think that...9

Question: Do you think that people watch too much television?

Answer: Overall, I think that they probably do.

Actually, my personal view is that...10

Question: Should people retire at 60?

Answer: Actually, my personal view is that they can work as long as they are productive.

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