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IELTS Speaking Task 2 Bullet PointsIELTS Speaking Task 2 Bullet Points (+ Video)


  1. For the IELTS task 2, you have 1 minute to prepare. In this time, you are able to write down some notes.
  2. Try to make at least 15 bullet points. Then for each bullet point, try to use it for 1/2, 1 or 2 sentences etc..
  3. With this method, you can then hopefully speak for at least 1 minutes.
  4. This can take a lot of practice, to get so many in 1 minute - remember "try, try and try again".


For example, the question could be:


Talk about your favourite photo.
- Where was it?
- Who is in it?
- When was it taken?
- Why do you like it?


For example, you could make bullet points like:


1. hands
2. lawn
3. frog
4. funny
5. interesting
6. photo
7. photographer
8. cold
9. dangerous
10. unusual
11. not many like
12. old house
13. near stream
14. maybe green or dark
15. me


Then the speaking could be as follows, making sure to answer all the key points:


"I am not sure if this is my favourite photo, however the key one that I remember is when I was a child at my old house. I found a frog and had it in my hands and a photo was taken of it.

Actually, this photo looked quite funny and unusual. It was certainly interesting and was taken by a good photographer.

The frog was from a cold stream and was not dangerous, but maybe it was quite frightened, but I remember that for the photo, it did not jump away.

Definitely, this is a very unusal photo and I remember that it may have been a colour like green or dark and was very cold in my hands - I think it was interesting, because, there was no face in the photo, just hands zoomed in on and a very small frog on them being clear in the photo.

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