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IELTS Speaking TipsIELTS Speaking Tips


1. IELTS Pronunciation

Make sure to pronounce "IELTS" correctly: "http://dictionary.cambridge.org/pronunciation/british/ielts".

2. Water

Try to drink some water before starting the speaking exam, if at all thirsty.

3. Clothing

Wear formal clothes, such as a suit.

4. Listening

Listen carefully and follow the examiner's instructions.

5. Task 1 Preparation

Prepare the task 1 questions as much as possible ahead of time, by looking through previous exams.

6. Task 2 Bullet Points

For the task 2, try to write down 15 bullet points and use them for 1 or 2 sentences each.

7. Direct Answers

Make sure that you understand the question asked - if not, check with the examiner such as by asking: "Could please repeat the question?".

8. Full Answers

Try not to give very short answers. If the question is easy, try to answer fully, however do not go beyond a reasonable time. Equally, if the question is hard, try to answer it completely, but stop as soon as reasonable. For the task 2, make sure to answer all parts of the question.

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