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Try To Alter The IELTS Speaking Question Vocabulary, For Your ResponseTry To Alter The IELTS Speaking Question Vocabulary, For Your Response



In the speaking exam, try not to copy exactly the question that might be asked, when you give an answer.


For example, if the examiner says: "What do you think about the food in your country?", rather than saying: "What I think about the food in my country, is that...", you could respond by altering their vocabulary, such as: "My opinion about what is eaten in my country, is that...".


Other examples could be:


1. Q. "How is the weather in your country?"
A. "Regarding the meteoroligcal conditions in my nation..."

2. Q. "Do people you know have hobbies?"
A. "In relation to free time activities...".

3. Q. "What is your favourite animal?"
A. "Actualy, above all, I like..."

4. Q. "What is your job?"
A. Currently, I am employed..."

5. Q. "How much time do you watch television every week?"
A. "Actually, I try to do other activities..."

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