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One thing from my experience that many IELTS students do not prepare for is the handwriting aspect of the IELTS. Needless to say, if the examiner cannot clearly read what is written, then it is perhaps expecting a bit much to always hope that they will get that an "a" is actually a "c" and an "h" is in fact a "b" etc..

Therefore, try to use the following approach: every letter should clearly have only one option. In addition, if you are deleting a letter/word etc., then make a clear line through it and write above it - do not overwrite the letter to change it, as it might not be clear enough for the examiner what is the letter.

In terms of practice, even if your writing is reasonably clear for all letters, then still practise writing regularly by hand, to make sure that you are fresh for the exam in terms of writing speed and clarity.

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