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When writing and speaking, try to link sentences/phrases together with linking words to seem more professional. So for example, instead of writing: "They bought a lot of food at the store and they then went and visited the cinema to meet their friends." you could change that to: "Initially, they bought a lot of food at the store and subsequently, they visited the cinema to meet their friends.

You will notice that the advanced linking words, such as "initially" and "subsequently" increase the strength of the assignment. Think about always "upgrading" how you connect words together for the greatest impression. In particular, try to link when giving a list of numbers. So instead of saying: "There were 5, 10 and 20 items sold in the differnt shops.", you could chnage that to: "There were initially 5, moreover 10 and in addition 20 items sold in the different shops". Try to think about adding in these extra words for lists etc..

Here is a "list of conjunctive adverbs" from Wikipedia: "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conjunctive_adverb". Try to think of other linking expressions that might be useful to you, such as: "it can eqally be seen" and so on.

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