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IELTS Writing Advice Generally - Questions And AnswersIELTS Writing Advice Generally - Questions And Answers


1. Q. When should I write numbers with letters?

A. My opinion for a chart statistic etc., is write only numbers. If you are describing the data, such as "three charts", then probably use the letters.

2. Q. Should I use "an illustration of these" for a singular noun?

A. No - "this" for singular.

3. Q. Should I use 7 sentences in the intro?

A. Try to make a balance for each paragraph = 3/4 for each etc..

4. Q. What is your advice about counting words?

A. In your practice try to see how many words you usually have for each sentence and check if the average is approximately right. Then in the exam, try to keep an approximate calculation and do periodic checks, and maybe write where is 100 words etc. - remember you only need a minimum, not maximum so 120 may be important to not do, and 180 does not matter.

5. Q. How many statistics should I use, for IELTS Academic task 1?

A. Perhaps 6-8 statistics.

6. Q. How many minutes for synonyms?

A. 1-2 if possible.

7. Q. How many minutes for planning the structure?

A. 1-2 if possible.

8. Q. Should I write complex/basic sentences?

A. Try to write what you are most confident with to get your grade.

9. Q. How can I increase my grade in 1/2 day?

A. You can only do what is possible - maybe the best thing is to go through previous writing assignments which have been corrected and to count each  mistake and focus on them to prevent them in the exam.

10. Q. What essay task 2 structure should I use?

A. Whatever is safe and simple to get your grade.

11. Q. Should I improve something that is alright?

A. Do not go over a mountain - if it is reasonable for your grade, keep it and learn something else.

12. Q. How many "my opinion" expressions should I use for IELTS writing task 2?

A. Personally, I often/always, unless the questions prohibit it, use that expression once only in the conclusion.

13. Q. How many minutes for checking?

A. For task 1, perhaps 5 minutes and for task 2, 10 minutes, if possible - you can change for what is best for you - whatever gets the highest grade.

14. Q. Which are my common errors for handwriting?

A. Not clear letters etc.. - probably get a teacher to check it or someone good with handwriting.

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