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IELTS Writing TimeIELTS Writing Time

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For the IELTS writing, even if you are fairly confident about the exam, be careful about staying within the time limit - remember that for task 1, it is 20 minutes and task 2, 40 minutes. Within that time, you will also need to think about the amount of time that you are going to schdule for making synonyms, properly understanding the question, thinking of ideas, writing clearly, checking and final checking.

For example, for the task 1, you could say that you will understand and make ideas for about 2 minutes, make synonyms of the question for 2 minutes, write for 10 minutes, check for 4 minutes and do a final check of 2 minutes. Meanwhile, for the task 2 writing, you could make ideas for 2 minutes, make synonyms for 2 minutes, write for 25 minutes and check for 11 minutes.

These schedules are just examples - what is important is to keey an eye on the time - bring a digital stopwatch and wristwatch into the exam (have heard that some exam centers might have restrictions) and make a note on the exam paper, from the start time, for the schedule. So if it starts at 3pm, then write on the exam paper for task 1, for example:

1. Ideas 3-3:02pm.
2. Synonyms 3:02-04pm.
3. Writing 3:04-3:14pm.
4. Checking 3:14-3:18pm
5. (final checking of two minutes after task 2 completed".

This is just a suggestion and you can make whatever schedule you think may work best for you.

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