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Try not to speak too fast - accuracy above speed (also not too slow) and too much speed can be excessive perhaps.

Practise + Practise Again2

Practise + practise again - make speaking in English and answering IELTS questions as automatic as possible.

Understand The Exam3

Understand the different sections of the exam.

Think Of Answers4

Try to fully prepare how you will answer questions about your job etc. - try to get the vocabulary and grammar accurate ahead of time.

Dress Smartly5

Whilst, that will not directly affect the mark necessarily, try to be smart and professional to boost your confidence.

Bring Water6

Make sure that you are not thristy - if you drink enough water, that can help you speak more easily, compared to a dry throat.

Practise In Front Of A Mirror7

Practise in front of a mirror how you will respond.

Record Yourself8

Record yourself and play the answers again.

Ask If You Do Not Understand9

If you do not understand, ask to make sure you are answering correctly - much better than guessing and perhaps answering the wrong question - that about how you will do that.

Answer Easy Topics10

If you need to give examples, try to speak about easy topics for you, that you are more confident for the grammar and vocabulary to answer about.

IELTS Speaking - Example Response 2IELTS Speaking - Example Response 2


In this IELTS example speaking response, you can read an example answer from a hypothetical person called "Sergey Medvedev", who is an engineer in Moscow, Russia - the exact procedure used by the examiner in a real test may differ somewhat and the answers are given as an illustration purpose only for the types of answers you can give.


IELTS Speaking Task 1 Example Response


Advice: try to make the answers reasonably long and used advanced vocabulary where possible.


Q. Hello, what is your full name?
A. Hello, my name is Sergey Medvedev - nice to meet you today.

Q. Tell me about yourself.
A. Well, I was born in a neighbouring city to Moscow and now live in the center, in an apartment building with my wife and 3 children.

Q. What do you do for a living?
A. Actually, I am engineer and have been working for a gas company for about 10 years.

Q. Why are you taking the IELTS?
A. Well, my family and are I planning on emigrating to Australia - I already have a job offer.

Q. Tell me about the climate of Russia.
A. It depends - in some areas it is milder, however Moscow is famous for having a cold winter.

Q. Do you like shopping on the internet?
A. Yes, sometimes - it is very convenient to get something from your chair and not have to go into a crowded shop to find it - so I prefer it where possible.


IELTS Speaking Task 2 Example Response


 Advice: try to make 15 bullet points and then use these bullet ponits to assist you regarding the data that you will speak about.


Q. Thank you Sergey, here is a cue card - you have 1 minute to prepare and speaking for 1-2 minutes.

Cue Card:

Talk about a sport you like.

- Why do you like it?
- How often do you practice it?
- What are its benefits?

A. Sergey's 15 bullet points in 1 minute:

1. swimming
2. nice
3. healthy
4. fit
5. strong
6. summer
7. lake
8. near country house
9. easy
10. relaxing
11. family
12. free
13. sky
14. children
15. future


Regarding a sport that I like, I will take about 1swimming, which is a 2nice activity. I feel that it keeps me 3healthy and 4fit and is also good for making muscles 5strong. As you know, the winter in Russia can be cold and I like to do it in 6summer in a 7lake near 8my country house.

This 9easy sport is quite 10relaxing for me and I like to do it with my 11family. Of course, it is 12free and when I am swimming in the lake, I can see the 13sky. My 14children like to do this sport also and probably they will continue it in the 15future also. In fact, I much prefer swimming in a lake to in a swimming pool.


IELTS Speaking Task 3 Example Response


Advice: similar to task 1, try to speak for a reasonable length for each question - if a question is too hard, try to answer it properly, without spending too much time on it.


Q. Thank you for that - what sports are most pouplar around the world, do you think?
A. Of course, football is the number one in most or all countries. One reason for that, is that it does not require so much equipment often.

Q. Should people do more sport?
A. If people are not doing enough, then for sure, they should try to do more. Sport is very important for a healty lifestyle.

Q. What other ways can people relax, such as walking in a park?
A. Well, personally, I like to go to the local library to read their great books. For sure, people are reading more online, however I like the traditional way as well.

Q. Where do you think that people get most of their sport information from?
A. I presume from sport websites and also social media is becoming more popular these days as well. In addition, there are  magazine as well, and that can be helpful.

Q. Thank you Sergey - this is the end of the exam.
A. Thank you too - have a great day I hope.

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