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IELTS Speaking: Colours IELTS Speaking: Colours

Practise IELTS Speaking Conversation Topics - Audio + Text Questions + Text Answer Tips


(Audio for the different IELTS speaking topics' questions, may sometimes at least be quicker than in an actual IELTS speaking exam.) 


 Keyboard Controls: click on top of audio player first to activate it = 1. "space" = play/pause / 2.  "up" = next question / 3. "down" = previous question".



What is your favourite colour?1

For myself, I like...

Which colours are popular in your country?2

In my nation, it is the case that...

Which colours were popular in your country previously?3

Previously, in my nation it was the case that...

What colour shoes do you often wear?4

Personally, I can say that...

Which colours is food advertising normally?5

Overall, my opinion is that...

How many colours are there in the rainbow?6

In answer to that question, there are...

What was your favourite colour as a child?7

Looking  back, I can say that...

What colour is money in your country?8

As regards my nation, I think that...

Do you like colourful websites?9

My response to that question is that...