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IELTS Speaking: Travel IELTS Speaking: Travel

Practise IELTS Speaking Conversation Topics - Audio + Text Questions + Text Answer Tips


(Audio for the different IELTS speaking topics' questions, may sometimes at least be quicker than in an actual IELTS speaking exam.) 


 Keyboard Controls: click on top of audio player first to activate it = 1. "space" = play/pause / 2.  "up" = next question / 3. "down" = previous question".



How do people travel in your country?1

For my nation, I can say that...


What is the best way to travel?2

To my mind, I think that...

What is the worst way to travel?3

For the least preferable option, I think that...

How was travel different 25 years ago?4

Looking back, I think that...

How will travel be different in the future?5

Looking forward, I think that...

What do you think about driverless cars?6

As far as I am concerned, I think that...

What do you think about flying cars?7

As regards that invention, I think...

Should cities reduce private transport?8

Probably one can say that...

Which types of transport do you usually use?10

Usually for transportation, I...