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Here Are Some Quick Tips For The IELTS Speaking Exam:


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Try not to speak too fast - accuracy above speed (also not too slow) and too much speed can be excessive perhaps.

Practise + Practise Again2

Practise + practise again - make speaking in English and answering IELTS questions as automatic as possible.

Understand The Exam3

Understand the different sections of the exam.

Think Of Answers4

Try to fully prepare how you will answer questions about your job etc. - try to get the vocabulary and grammar accurate ahead of time.

Dress Smartly5

Whilst, that will not directly affect the mark necessarily, try to be smart and professional to boost your confidence.

Bring Water6

Make sure that you are not thristy - if you drink enough water, that can help you speak more easily, compared to a dry throat.

Practise In Front Of A Mirror7

Practise in front of a mirror how you will respond.

Record Yourself8

Record yourself and play the answers again.

Ask If You Do Not Understand9

If you do not understand, ask to make sure you are answering correctly - much better than guessing and perhaps answering the wrong question - that about how you will do that.

Answer Easy Topics10

If you need to give examples, try to speak about easy topics for you, that you are more confident for the grammar and vocabulary to answer about.

Practise IELTS Speaking QuestionsPractise IELTS Speaking Exam Questions - 10 (Not A "Real Life" Exam)


IELTS Speaking Exam Part 1




- Please introduce yourself.

- Please give me your ID.

- Tell me about your journey to the test center today.

- Did you know this area before?

- Why are you taking the IELTS?

- How long have you learned English for?

- Is it popular to learn English with people you know?


IELTS Speaking Exam Part  2 - Cue Card (1 Minute Preparation And Speaking For 1-2 Minutes)



Talk about a subject you liked at school.

- What was it?

- Why did you like it?

- Do you still study it?


IELTS Speaking Exam Part 3




- What subjects do people like to learn in your country?

- Do people study hard in your country?

- How could schools be improved in your country?

- Do people still study when they are adults?

- What are the pros and cons of learning as adults?

- Is there a new subject you want to learn in future?

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