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IELTS Text AnalyserHow To Use The Text Analyser

1. This information is the same for task 1s and 2s Academic and General - (please note that this programme is free from another site and does not 100% identify all complex vocabulary structures, such as multi-word verbs, etc.).
2. Deselect "Exclude common words from word frequency count" to analyse complex and basic words.
3. Put the text in the analyser and press "count words".
4. Try to make the complexity 50% or higher - the more complex the better, so long as it sounds normal.
5. Try to make sure that you are not repeating any of the essay question vocabulary (or chart data) etc. as far as possible - sometimes that is not possible, but try to see what can be done.
6. For the complex vocabulary, try to make sure that each word is not used more than once or twice.
7. Also, for the complex vocabulary, try to upgrade any basic vocabulary, such as "example" is a frequent word and can be upgraded to "illustration".
8. For the basic words, try to make sure that each of them is not used more than 10x each approximately.

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