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Job Interviews In English

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In a job interview, as regards cultural norms, you should do what?

  • Ignore the local country's norms.
  • Try to follow their norms as much as possible.
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In a job interview, you should do what?

  • Only focus on the English.
  • Remember other job interview skills, such as appearance and professionalism.
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In the interview, you should do what?

  • Speak very quickly, to appear fluent in English.
  • Speak at a reasonable speed and clearly.
  • Speak very slowly, so that they would easily understand everything.
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What should you consider doing before a job interview?

  • Practise your answers.
  • Write down all the possible questions and answers.
  • Research the job and company.
  • All of the above.
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In a job interview, if you do not understand the question, you should consider doing what?

  • Pretend you understand and answer anyway.
  • Ignore the question.
  • Ask them to rephrase the question.
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