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Example Job Interview Dialogues (Conversations) In English 

(+ A Company Tour)

By Skype Teacher Tom 





Example Job Interview Dialogues In English 1: Engineer


Mr. A: Welcome to our egeinnering company.

Mr. B: I am glad for the chance to be interviewed.

Mr. A: What specific job are you applying for?

Mr. B: I am an electrical engineer (double E) and I would like to try to get the job you advertised on the Net last week.

Mr. A: I see from your resume that you are very experienced.

Mr. B: Yes I’ve worked as an electrical engineer for 10 years now. But I think it is a good career move to join your company.

Mr. A: Why did you leave your former company?

Mr. B: It was a dead end job.

Mr. A: Yes our company is large and there is plenty of room for advancement.

Mr. B: So you’ll give me the job?

Mr. A: Yes, but for the first month you will be on probation with half-pay. After that you will be a full employee of the company. Any questions?

Mr. B: What is the salary?

Mr. A: 50 k per year

Mr. B: Sounds good. When do I start?

Mr. A: Report to the engineering dept. on Monday at 9 am.

Mr. B: Great, thank you.

Mr. A: I look forward to working with you.





Example Job Interview Dialogues In English 2: Online English Teacher


Ms. C: Please take a seat.

Ms. D: I am glad to meet you.

Ms. C: So let’s get down to business. I see you have a lot of online teaching experience.

Ms. D: Yes I have been teaching online for 11 years and before that I was a classroom English teacher in different areas of the world.

Ms. C: I like your voice and you certainly do seem to be qualified…

Tell me about your online English teaching experience.

Ms. D: I like meeting people from all over the world. It is just like traveling. But students often cancel or have poor Internet connections.

Ms. C: I understand. No job is perfect. But here we have a system that guarantees you are paid for a cancellation without 48 hours notice and of course all our students have a good Internet connection. Did you have any other problems with the students?

Ms D: Once in a while you might meet a rude student or a disrespecting one.

Ms. C: How do you like working with children?

Ms. D: I love working with children, but most of my experience is with adults.

Ms. C: What types of adult classes do you like the most? Conversation?

Ms. D: I like the conversation classes and Business English. I also enjoy the TOEFL/IELTS teaching. I am also a writer in my free time, though I haven’t made much money from the publications. Anyway it makes me a good writing/reading coach. Also I have a science degree (in addition to my B.A.) and so I would welcome scientific types of students.

Ms. C: Sounds good. I’ll talk over your resume with our HR staff. If we decide on a second interview, I’ll let you know within a week.

Ms. D: OK, thanks for your time.

Ms. C: Nice to have met you.





Example Job Interview Dialogues In English 3: Administrator


Mr. E: Welcome to our company for the administration position.

Mr. F: Nice to be here.

Mr. E: Tell me about yourself.

Mr. F: Well as you can see from my resume, I have worked in business administration for several years and have an MBA. I want to have a good salary and I know this company pays well.

Mr. E: I see. And what do you do in your free time?

Mr. F: I like to play pool and watch television.

Mr. E: What do you like on TV?

Mr. F: I like to watch documentaries

Mr. E: I see. And if we decide to hire you, when can you start?

Mr. F: Immediately.

Mr. E: Very good. You seem to be the kind of employee we are looking for. I will let you know of our decision by e-mail.

Mr. F: Great. I look forward to hearing from you.





Example Job Interview Dialogues In English 4: Travel Agent


Ms. G: Hi, nice to meet you.

Ms. H: Yes, nice to meet you too.

Ms G: So what makes you want to be a travel agent?

Ms. H: I studied tourism and leisure studies at college and I have traveled widely. I have been to 65 countries and I enjoyed each one.

Ms. G: But you don’t have any experience working as a travel agent?

Ms. H: No, but I am familiar with the booking systems.

Ms. G: That’s great. I think we have a position for you.

Ms. H: I am really glad. You won’t regret hiring me, I promise.





Example Job Interview Dialogues In English 5: Doctor


Ms. I: Welcome to our doctor’s office.

Mr. J: Nice to be here

Ms I: I see from your resume that you are a cardiologist with 10 years of practice.

Mr. J: That’s right.

Ms. I: This interview is just to get to know you a little and then there are follow up interviews. So what do you do in your free time?

Mr. J: I like golfing and swimming. I also like to read newspapers.

Ms. I: Why did you want to be a doctor?

Mr. J: Actually I love helping people get well. I think cardiology has made great strides recently and I would like to share my findings with others.

Ms. I: Have you written in any scientific journals so far?

Mr. J: Not yet. But hopefully soon.

Ms. I: OK, we’d like to learn more about you. Let’s go for lunch with our colleagues, if that’s OK?

Mr. J: That’s fine, I am free.





Example Job Interview Dialogues In English 6: Advertising


Ms. K: Welcome to XXX advertising.

Ms. L: My pleasure.

Ms. K: So what kind of advertising experience do you have?

Ms. L: I worked for CCCCC company for five years. I helped edit and make newspaper ads. We tried to make our ads interesting, as you can see from my portfolio.

Ms. K: I see. I think we can use you.

Ms. L: I can make an interesting  commercial on any subject.

Ms. K: Yes, well let me explain the pay structure. The pay is $40 per hour plus bonuses for successful ads/commercials. We have a lot of clients so you will have no shortage of work. Are you available to work overtime?

Ms. L: Yes, I like to work hard and I like to make money. That’s why I am applying for a job with your company.

Ms. K: However we do ask that you commit for at least five years and there is a contract to sign.

Ms. L: I have researched your company thoroughly and I am convinced it is the right career move for me.

Ms. K: OK, welcome aboard.

Ms. L: I hope this is the beginning of a great working relationship.





Example Tour Of The Company Dialogues In English


An important part of the interview is a tour of the company.


Mr. Ko takes prospective lower management employee, Ms. Smith on a tour.

Mr. Ko: “Firstly we are at human resources. This is our HR manager, Mr. Lee. Mr. Lee this is Ms. Smith.”

Ms. Smith: “How do you like your job, Mr. Lee?”

Mr. Lee: “I enjoy it, but I hate to fire people.”

Mr. Ko: Our next stop is the advertising department.”

Ms. Smith this is Mr. Kong.”

Mr. Kong: “Our department is filled with creative people who brainstorm to think of new advertising and commercials as well as product packaging.”

Then we went to the design department. Mr. Ko: “Here clever people design new products.”

Mr. Ko: “Our next stop is the factory floor. Here the goods are produced, partly automated. Forklifts lift palates of goods and load them onto trucks.”

Ms. Smith: “It is such a large building.”

Mr. Ko: “And now we are walking past some offices of our upper management. Maybe some day you will have an office here, Ms. Smith?” Ms. Smith, “It would be like a dream come true.”

Mr. Ko: “Next the sales department. Also here is the customer service department.”

Mr. Ko: “Ms. Smith, this is Ms. Hsu.”

Ms. Smith: “How do you like working in sales?

Ms. Hsu: “It is hard work but it is challenging. I enjoy working with people.”

Mr. Ko: “Next the accounting department.” Ms. Smith, “You people must be good with numbers. I used to be good in math. Accounts manager: “Yes, but accounting is not easy work.”

Mr. Ko: “And finally the company cafeteria. Lunch is free for all employees and the food is good too. The coffee is excellent as well."



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