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How To Build Vocabulary In EnglishHow To Build Vocabulary In English



1. In English, there is a lot of information to learn - too much actually, as perhaps about 1,000,000 words approximately.
2. Perhaps the average native speakers use only approximately some thousands of different words often, I may have heard.
3. Therefore, you need to prioritise which words to learn - of course for beginner learners, that will include basic words such as numbers, days/weeks, general vocabulary and useful verbs, etc., 
4. The first isuse is, which words are the biggest priority for you?
5. For people working, that will be the ones they have the biggest issue with for their job. 
6. For instance, if you are a PA, you need to have polite formal English to deal with your boss and enquiries.


Plan For Learning Vocabulary


1. Make a list of key topics to learn, such as: "1. for meetings / 2. for phone calls" etc..
2. Make a priority for each one - such as "phone calls" is priority 1 etc..
3. Think how quickly you need to learn each topic.
4. Make a plan for learning a certain amount each week.
5. For example, you could say, that you would learn 50 new words a week + check all the other recent previous ones you have learned.
6. Make an excel sheet or other document to record words, which are being learned/have been learned, to check again.
7. When you are learning new words, try to use them as much as possible, in your speech/writing in letters etc. to strengthen your memory.
8. You can choose which words to learn by looking in vocabulary lists / words that people sent you in emails etc. that you need to learn and remember after.
9. In English, sometimes words have different functions, such as "well" can mean adjective/aderb "good" or noun "a place to get water"/ verb "to well" etc, - only learn the important usages for your situation and clearly here "well" the adjective/adverb are the frequent useful options.

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