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Hotel VocabularyHotel English Vocabulary

By Skype Teacher Tom

Bill A

Payment for the hotel. Usually you need a credit card for this, and usually you must show your credit card when you check in or when you reserve a room.

E.g. “There seems to be a problem with my bill.”

Calling A TaxiB

You can get reception to call a taxi for you. Usually such a taxi is very safe, but they often expect big tips.

E.g. “Can you call me a safe taxi?”

Check In - VerbC

Come into the hotel, register and take the key.  


E.g. “ I have a reservation for Ed Flintstone for today and tomorrow.”

Check Out - VerbD

Leave the hotel, hand in the key and get your bill.  


E.g. “I’d like to check out.”

Cleaning StaffE

People who clean the hotel. If you do not want your room tidied up then put the “do not disturb” sign on the outside of the door. You should give them a small tip. You can ask these staff for more towels and soap etc..


E.g. “Are you a maid? Can you make up my room now?”

Conference RoomsF

Sometimes many of the guests are attending a conference in the hotel, usually located on the ground floor.


E.g. “Are you here for the conference?”

Currency ExchangeG

Sometimes hotel reception will change money for you, typically changing USD into local currency. Sometimes they take traveler’s checks, such as American Express or Thomas Cook traveler’s checks.


E.g. “Can I change money here?”

Dial 9H

Usually you have to dial “9” or “0” to make an outgoing call on the hotel phone. The hotel charges a lot for calls on its phones.

E.g. “Hello operator, I want to make an outside call, do I dial 9?”

Fire ExtinguisherI

A device for putting out fires. You can also use a hose to put out the fire. If someone pulls the fire alarm then you should evacuate the building.


E.g. “The fire alarm is ringing. Is it a fire? Where is the fire extinguisher?”

Hotel GymJ

Place in the hotel to work out/do exercise.  E.g. “I am going to the gym to work out.”

Hotel ManagerK

The boss of the hotel. The CEO is the big boss, but the hotel manager runs the hotel. Sometimes the manager is around the reception area. If you have a problem you can ask to see the manager.

E.g. “I have a problem with my room, can I see the manager?”

Hotel RestaurantL

Place in the hotel to eat and drink. A good place to meet people or take your date. Sometimes the hotel restaurants are on the top floor and have a beautiful view. Other times they are on the ground floor.


E.g. “I am going to the restaurant on the top floor.”

Hotel PoolM

Place to swim. Usually free if you are a guest of the hotel. Sometimes there is a sauna next to the pool.


E.g. “Where is the pool and when is it open?".

Hotel SafeN

Safe box for your valuables such as jewellery and cash.  


E.g. “Can I keep my rings in the hotel safe?”

Laundry RoomO

Place where they clean your clothes. Dry cleaning for suits and ties, etc..


E.g. “I need my dress cleaned by tomorrow morning.”


Baggage (suitcases/bags).


E.g. “Do you have any luggage with you today sir?” “I have 3 pieces, can the porter help me carry them to my room?”

Make Room ReservationQ

This is when you call the hotel before you come and get them to save a room for you on the days you plan to stay.

E.g. “I would like to make a reservation in one of your ordinary rooms for August 10th-12th.”


When you reserve a room at a hotel they will give you the code to enter the parking garage. Usually one parking spot per room.

E.g. “Where do I park?"


When you check in to a hotel you need to show some ID. If it is a foreign country usually you need to show your passport and credit card. If it is a hotel in your country a driver’s license and a credit card would be necessary.


E.g. “Can I see your passport?


A man who carries your bags.  You should give him a tip.  


E.g. “Send up a porter to help me carry my bags.”


Area on the ground floor of the hotel where you check in, ask for mail or ask for wake-up calls, etc..


E.g. “I’d like to check in.”

Room ServiceV

Food and drink delivered from the hotel kitchen to your room. You should tip them.


E.g. “Hello, room service? I would like to order some food please."


Steps going up or down. Use the stairs, not the elevator in case of a fire.


E.g. “The hotel is on fire. Let’s run down the stairs.”


Extra money for good service. It is good to carry a number of $1 USD bills for tipping staff at the hotel.


E.g. “Here is a tip for you. Thank you.”

Tourist BusY

Oten a tour bus will stop at your hotel and take you on a tour of the city.


E.g. “Is there a tour bus near the hotel?”

Wake-up CallZ

Tell reception to call you in the morning to wake you up.  


E.g. “Can you give me a wake up call for 7:30 am?”

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