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By Skype Teacher Tom


Most hotels have many international guests and if you can speak good English you can get more tips if you are friendly and speak English. Also if you speak good English you can get promotions as customers will be more satisfied if you can speak English. For example you could be promoted from receptionist to assistant manager.


If you are very friendly and helpful to customers and you work for a big hotel then it should be easy to get promoted. You should familiarize yourself in English with all the hotel services and potential problems such as unsatisfied customers. If you work shifts you can study English online when it is convenient for you. Such as at “OnlineEnglishTeacher.com”. Also if your English is good you could ask to be transferred abroad to work in a hotel in a different country.


Many hotels are chains so it would be easy to arrange to work in a hotel in another country using SKYPE interviews in English. This would be a good way to see the world. Life is truly becoming a global village, why not join the ride? Many great people got their first job as a dishwasher, the lowest job and worked their way up the corporate ladder, by being good communicators. It all starts with a good English teacher.


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