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English For Restaurant StaffEnglish For Restaurant Staff

By Skype Teacher Tom


Nearly every restaurant staff member speaks reasonable English. Most foreign travelers speak English and expect the staff to as well. If you speak English well and are friendly you can expect a tip, perhaps a large one.


If you give good service to the guests they might tell your manager and so perhaps you will get a promotion. It is important for most restaurant staff (not the dishwashers) to know all the food’s names in English. Otherwise you might give them the wrong order. Also you need the vocabulary for being polite.


The manager will quite possibly speak good English and if you have a problem you can speak to them in English. Also guests can have interesting chats with other guests or restaurant staff. It’s just like traveling. And friendliness (in English) goes a long way. For a restaurant, you don’t need that much vocabulary, but the more English you have the better.

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