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Hotel English Quiz

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Guests appreciate proficient English because...

  • they can understand easily
  • there are less mistakes
  • they feel more secure
  • all of the above

For your own English you can...

  • check your grammar is correct
  • learn any new useful words
  • practise your spelling
  • all of the above

When speaking in English to a native speaker you should...

  • speak very fast
  • try to use impressive vocabulary, even if the meaning is lost
  • not mind about grammar normally
  • none of the above

When speaking to a guest with low-level English you should...

  • speaking slowly
  • pronounce each word carefully
  • check they understand.
  • all of the above

Clear pronunciation is...

  • often important
  • not very important
  • impossible to make sufficient
  • all of the above

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